ΥΓΡΟ ΓΥΑΛΙ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΑΣ 0,75lt Κωδικός: ΞΥΛ1.14.338

Weight: 750 g / 500 g resin, 250 g hardener.

Epoxy resin system, ideal for applications involving wood for hobbyists. With minimal bubble formation, good results are achieved even without a vacuum chamber. The completely hardened resin is easy to fashion using woodworking tools, and is ideal for turning. The crystal clear resin can be dyed in a transparent or opaque colour. Resin that is crystal clear or dyed white becomes yellow over time, so the use of UV stabiliser (No. 450411) is also recommended. The epoxy resin is almost odourless and the build-up of heat is also reduced, allowing even dishwasher-safe plastics to be used as moulds. Depending on layer thickness, the hardening process requires 12-24 hours per coat. Max. recommended layer thickness per coat: 20 mm.
Shelf life at least 12 months from purchase of the pack.

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